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IRS Tax Attorneys - Serving Washingon D.C., Virginia, Maryland


Our licensed IRS tax attorney services equip local taxpayers with the power to resolve the most complicated tax debt problems, efficiently and permanently.  Our team of tax attorneys are skilled in working with our Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia clients from A to Z, and have the experience needed to successfully negotiate with the IRS and State on your behalf:

Privileged Communications

Only licensed tax attorneys enjoy the attorney-client privilege, which allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing they can fully disclose their information with 100% confidentiality. Because certain tax cases may manifest into criminal violations, it is vital that you are protected by the privilege that comes with representation by our trustworthy and licensed tax attorneys.

Strong Negotiation Skills

Tax attorneys spend years in tax law practice to refine their negotiation skills. With the IRS having unrelenting power to collect what is owed to them, it's a breath of fresh air knowing you have a skilled negotiator on your side to protect your hard-earned assets.

Not Intimidated

Our tax attorneys will not be intimidated by the IRS. Your tax attorney understands the tax code as well as, or better than, the IRS representatives they are dealing with, and can marshal facts in the light most favorable to your case. Further, only tax attorneys have the power to represent clients in Tax Court, and since the IRS does not generally like cases to go to Tax Court, this provides significant negotiating leverage for our clients with strong tax attorney representation.


Our tax attorneys are subject to the rules of professional conduct, and subject to discipline by state Bar Associations. Therefore, when you retain our tax attorney services , you can rest easy knowing you have a trustworthy and professional tax advocate on your side.

Free Consultations

The tax attorneys of Capital Pure Tax Resolution can help you resolve your IRS tax problems and provide you with an exclusive advantage in settling your tax problems.  Don’t trust your financial welfare to an amateur.  Contact Capital Pure Tax for a free consultation with our tax attorneys (202) 888-7447.

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