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Professional Tax Resolution for Washington D.C. Taxpayers

Tim Halcomb

"Capital Pure Tax Resolution offers a unique experience for taxpayers in the local Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland communities struggling with IRS or State tax debt. Unlike the faceless tax resolution firms you may encounter, we take pride in working for local taxpayers to provide comprehensive tax relief with superior customer service. Our in-house team of Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents work diligently on your behalf to settle your tax problems for good. Call (202) 888-7447 now to speak with me for a free personal consultation and expect nothing but a positive experience. We are tax help you can trust!"

~ Tim Halcomb, President of Capital Pure Tax Resolution



Do you have State or IRS back taxes?    

Do you have mounting tax penalties and interest? 

Are you receiving threatening letters from the IRS or State?    

Are you a business owner struggling with tax problems?

Unfortunately, these questions apply to a large amount of individuals and businesses in the Washington D.C. area, and every tax problem and taxpayer is different. This is where Capital Pure Tax Resolution steps in where the faceless tax resolution firms cannot.  We've seen the grievances and fall-outs in the tax resolution industry over the years, and it's the taxpayer that falls victim every time.  The truth is, your tax problems aren't going to resolve themselves, and the IRS and State will do every thing in their expansive power to collect back taxes, and make a profit in the process. With so much on the line, it's crucial to take the right steps and hire the right tax resolution company in the D.C. area. Capital Pure Tax Resolution is your trustworthy and professional solution to IRS and State tax problems.

Tax Resolution Services

With your financial, personal, and professional well-being on the line, it's crucial that you consult a professional firm specializing in tax resolution.  Your tax resolution, or tax relief method, depends solely on the nature of your tax debt problem, and your financial situation.  The tax resolution specialists at Capital Pure Tax Resolution are skilled in listening to our client's unique needs, and exercise the proper tax resolution strategies needed to help local individuals and businesses get back on track.

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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Back taxes, whether IRS or State, is simply the delinquent tax debt that an individual or business owner may owe.  If you are a taxpayer in Washington D.C. or surrounding communities of Virginia or Maryland struggling with back taxes, it's absolutely crucial that you do not ignore your back taxes and consult a professional that can secure a viable IRS back tax forgiveness solution for you.  Capital Pure Tax Resolution has an experienced team of licensed Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents that specialize in negotiating with the IRS or State Treasury, and will enroll you in the necessary relief program.

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Licensed Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents

When it comes to resolving complicated tax dilemmas, it's advantageous to have a licensed tax attorney and enrolled agent fighting for you. Only tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the experience and power to negotiate with the IRS and State to settle your tax problems, severe or minor.  Capital Pure Tax Resolution has a team of professional tax attorneys and enrolled agents that specialize in advocating on the behalf of Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland taxpayers in need of professional tax settlements.

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Levy & Wage Garnishment Relief

If back taxes and penalties go unpaid long enough, the IRS can (and will) exercise a levy or wage garnishment against you.  Once you start getting letters from the IRS threatening to garnish your hard-earned wages, or levy your existing assets, time is of the essence. If you are a taxpayer in Washington D.C. or surrounding areas, it's absolutely crucial that you consult wage garnishment relief.  Our wage garnishment and levy relief experts can stop wage garnishments and levies for you, usually within 24 hours.

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Tax Penalty Abatement

Just when you thought back tax debt was stressful enough, you are tagged with accruing tax penalties and interest. Unfortunately, as long as you have outstanding tax debt, you will be hit with mounting tax penalties. It's important to contact a tax penalty abatement expert immediately to address your tax penalties and settle them before they spiral out of control.

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IRS Audit Representation

If the IRS suspects any foul play on your tax returns, they will most likely exercise an audit against you. Although some are worse than others, successfully navigating through them can be extremely intimidating and stressful. Capital Pure Tax has a knowledgeable staff of IRS audit representation professionals that can help rectify your tax audit obligations.

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Business Tax Resolution

As a local business, we understand the hardships and effort involved with running a successful business in the Washington D.C. area. Unfortunately, all too many local business owners find themselves struggling with payroll tax, worker classification, and overstated tax deduction complications, and each can spell doom for a business.

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Free Consultation for all your Tax Resolution Needs

Providing comprehensive and personalized tax resolution services to individuals and businesses in and throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, we are confident our tax resolution experts can help you.  No need to worry about who you are speaking with, or your tax case being farmed out, Capital Pure Tax Resolution offers free consultations, 24 hour availability for our clients, up-front pricing, and superior customer service from start to finish. Contact us today for a free personal consultation (202) 888-7447.

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